Post Express provides services of international freight traffic. We are proud to offer you an assistance in transporting heavy and large, export-import, domestic and transit cargo through Kazakhstan, to and from CIS countries and abroad.

We undertake responsibility for the delivery of items to the destination in time. Post Express employees are experienced in the organization of rail and multimodal transport. This ensures a high level of services.

In arranging international transport, we use several types of transport, depending on the size of cargo, timing and routes of delivery. We will select for you the most convenient method of transportation to save you time and money.

Road transport

It includes the delivery of: standard complete sets of goods, cargo of temperature regime (-18 +18), consolidated shipments, dangerous goods ADR of any class of hazard, and cars by car carriers in any direction.

For transportation, we use the following types of vehicles: trucks (standard canvas top (82-93m3), the Jumba and the Mega (100-105m3), road trains (120m3), refrigerators, vehicles equipped with ADR-sets, specialized rolling stock, container chassis, and low-tonnage vehicles.

Railroad transportation

Rail transport is mainly used to transport large volumes of bulk, loose and liquid goods (over 100 tons) for long distances (over 200 kilometers).

This type of transport is used in mining, petrochemical, machine-building and metallurgical industries, as well as in the agricultural sector.

Thus transport carries freights of different nature and size, including goods requiring special conditions of transportation.

Oversized transport

Our specialists will develop for you an integrated route for freight delivery, will make a transportation plan, and choose the most suitable vehicle.

Post Express has experience and proven solutions to deliver:

  • agricultural machinery (combine harvesters, tractors, etc.);
  • specialized equipment for airports;
  • entire manufacturing lines and individual components of manufacturing equipment;
  • tanks for the food industry;
  • boiler equipment;
  • tanks for petroleum refining industry, and storage reservoirs;
  • components of wind generator installations;
  • road construction equipment (excavators, dump trucks, trenchers, trucks, drilling rigs, graders, etc.)
  • trucks
  • electrical equipment (transformers, substations, enclosures)

Cargo Consolidation

Post Express provides services on integration of individual batches of small cargoes from different senders to jointly collect them and store, and then ship. In this scheme of transportation, the cargo initially arrives to the warehouse and is stored there up to the complete formation of the batch. After collecting of the whole consolidated batch of cargoes, it is sent to the destination. Cargo Consolidation includes the following operations: cargo packing, marking, and repacking in transition to another mode of transportation.


Warehousing (including safekeeping)

When organizing the logistic supply chains of goods, Post Express provides a full range of warehousing services:

  • consolidation;
  • safekeeping;
  • warehouse handling (repackaging, palletizing);
  • distribution of various types of goods;
  • loading and unloading operations;
  • execution of related documents: Export Declaration (the EX1), Transit Guarantee (T-1, T-2), TIR Carnets and CMR-waybills, etc.;
  • surveyor service (on request);
  • mandatory check of the cargo integrity control when placed for the safekeeping;
  • verification of the supporting documents for compliance with the accuracy of data, execution of Export Declaration (EX) and T1;
  • coordination with the Client’s customs filer the correctness of filling of freight documents - CMR, TIR, SMGS;
  • snapshots;
  • daily provision of information on the movement of cargo.
  • Call to the insurance agent, the emergency commissioner, representative of the Chamber of Commerce is a part of our area of ​​responsibility. In the event of any damage, the valid GPO insurance policy for the amount of KZT 50 mln. allows painless and quick receipt of insurance compensation.

If you have additional questions, please contact us:

Phone: +7 727 346 60 34