mezhdunarodnajaWe, the Post Express offer a full range of international transport services. We are proud to offer you assistance in sending documents, parcels and freight, including heavy, consolidated and large, export-import, transit and domestic goods to the CIS countries and abroad.

We work in all areas of international delivery:

  • Sending documents, parcels and cargo all over the world from Kazakhstan
  • Cargo transportation in Kazakhstan, CIS and non-CIS countries and Customs Union (for legal entities)
  • Distribution in Kazakhstan and intercity transportation

In our work, we use a unique technology of express forwarding.

  • Good symbiosis of reliability of freight traffic and affordability of express delivery.
  • Operations with the items of various weight classes and sizes: documents, envelopes, parcels, consolidated freight and railway containers;
  • Convenient system of addressed delivery from the Sender’s door or the nearest branch to the door of Recipient located outside of Kazakhstan;
  • Strict compliance with the delivery deadlines;
  • Safety and security of items;
  • Wide range of forms and options of payment.