Post office accepts up to 30 kg.

Address: 3, Severnoe kolco street, Almaty

Phone: +7 (727) 346-7333, +7 (777) 080-1333, +7 (701) 080-1333

Schedule of workoutput09:00-18:0009:00-18:0009:00-18:0009:00-18:0009:00-18:00output
Acceptance*outputtill 18:00till 18:00till 18:00till 18:00till 18:00output
Intracity packaging release**outputfrom 10:00from 10:00from 10:00from 10:00from 10:00output
Intracity and international  release**outputfrom 14:00from 14:00from 14:00from 14:00from 14:30output


* The completion time of reception of parcels by the current date. After this time and until the office closing time, parcels shall be accepted by the date of the next working day.

** The time the parcels can be picked up at the office on the day of their arrival. On the second and the following days of storage, the parcel can be picked up at any time as soon as the office is open.

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